I’m a healthcare CEO with a long-term interest in what makes people and organisations work at their best. I have approaching forty years of experience of leading people and teams and continue to discover new insights almost every day.

The question ‘how can we become more resilient so that we can lead happier, healthier lives at home and work?’ underpins what I write about here.

I try to respond to the question by reporting evidence, reflecting on my experiences and sharing practical examples which identify tools, methods or habits that people use to successfully achieve a happy, healthy focus in their lives. If you can find a balance in your life, then you will create opportunities to experience in full, everything that life offers. I think these are the moments when happiness occurs.

If you’re not sure where to start here are some suggestions.

Leadership Posts

  1. How To Write A Powerful Personal Leadership Manifesto
  2. Why Happiness Is The Key To Improved Productivity
  3. 5 Ways You Can Tell You Are Acting With Integrity

Personal Productivity Posts

  1. How To Be A Mobile Device Hero
  2. How To Take Notes That Will Make You Get More Done
  3. How To Beat Email And Quadruple Your Best Time 

Coping With Adversity Posts

  1. 10 Mental Tricks That Will Make You More Resilient
  2. 10 Strategies To Help You Cope Better When The Pressure Is On
  3. What To Do When The Wheels Fall Off

Happiness Posts

  1. 4 Reliable Ways To Improve Your Happiness At Work
  2. Terrific Sources Of Happiness Inspiration To Boost Your Mood
  3. Why Meaningful Work Will Make You Happier


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