Clinical Innovation – How To Make Or Break It

Healthcare work is complex and potentially dangerous to patients. It’s small wonder that these organisations tend to be risk-averse. For these organisations to grow an innovation capability there are six essential requirements without which attempts are likely to fail.

The Six Essential Requirements

  1. Leadership – Strong clinical leadership and advocacy and clear and unambiguous corporate engagement.
  2. Inside Out – A strong external focus.
  3. A Clear And Obvious Doorway – Innovation activity should have an address, whether virtual or physical or ideally both. This allows potential innovators and potential solution providers to bring their ideas forward and have them heard.
  4. A Defined Path For Idea Assessment – Nothing will kill clinical innovation faster than time spent on projects with no hope of success. Equally, nothing will deplete enthusiasm faster than an unclear clear path for idea assessment.
  5. Expert Protection – Good ideas have currency. Protect the value of an idea proportionate to it’s value.
  6. Good Communications  – Success breeds success. People must hear about them.

What Is A Clinical Innovation System?

In a healthcare organisation it is the system for encouraging, generating,  assessing, protecting and exploiting innovations.

Are There Any Current Examples?

The Cardiff University Clinical Innovation System run jointly with Cardiff and the Vale University Health Board is a good practice example.

Why Does This Matter?

Healthcare is facing massive challenges. We need to significantly gear up our innovation efforts to find new and better ways to deliver services. The ingenuity and creativity of healthcare workers the world over is a significantly under-utilised resource. For a commentary on why this is the case, read this post.

What Next?

Look out for the next Nutshell which will discuss the 4 characteristics of a successful clinical innovation system.


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