The 4 Characteristics Of Successful Clinical Innovation Systems

H]ow do know if your efforts to make your healthcare organisation more innovative are working? Here are four characteristics of successful clinical innovation systems.

1. Growing Influence

Healthcare organisations are often remarkably insular. Widening the range of contributions to the challenges of healthcare delivery will not only increase the chances of finding breakthrough ideas, but it will also grow the influence of the organisation with its stakeholders. Reputation can serve as an attractor for talent and can build a positive climate within the organisation.

2. Idea Fulfilment

The translation of ideas into the hard currency of real deployments. This doesn’t necessarily mean commercialisation – it’s just as essential to creating new ways of working and alternative service models.

3. Minimal Bureaucracy

Innovators don’t long to sit on committees or while away their days filling in acres of paper. A characteristic of a successful clinical innovation system is that it is easy to bring an idea forward. This is particularly important at the early stage. It’s better to have a broad idea funnel with plenty of rejects, than a narrow one.

Innovators don’t long to sit on committees

4. Everyone Can Play

Perhaps the most important consequence of all. No-one has a monopoly on good ideas. A clinical innovation system should work hard to confirm that everyone is entitled to a good idea and to be heard.

Building a successful clinical innovation system might be the difference between failure and success for a healthcare organisation.Read why healthcare innovation is stuck click here. Alternatively, you can discover the essential requirements for successful clinical innovation system here.

How good is your organisation at innovation?
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