How To Know You’re The Best Possible Boss

We all want to believe that we are a better boss than average. You know, the kind that inspires the affection, commitment and respect from the people they lead. Trouble is, on a normal distribution of the good and not so good bosses, half of us will be below average.

Here are five questions to ask yourself if you want to become a better boss.

1 Does Everyone Understand The Goal?

Good leaders create a clear and compelling picture of some future (better) place or time. They make time to discuss this future, listening to responses and incorporating them into a constantly evolving view of that better future.

Take time to work with your people so they can each contribute to your clarifying your goal.

2 Are You Listening?

Great bosses constantly look for feedback from as many sources as they can find. This helps to keep the course ahead clear and maintains consistency.  It also builds momentum, fuelling the effort needed by demonstrating the value of everyone’s contribution.

Remember – feeling appreciated by the boss builds commitment like nothing else will.

3 Are You Developing Yourself?

A great boss knows self-development is never over. Better bosses are appropriately self-critical and take steps to ensure they continue to improve their own skill and competency.

There’s also big value is demonstrating personal humility – openly –  so it encourages others to do the same.

4 Are You Micro-Managing?

One of the greatest incentives you can give is to show your trust in the team around you.

There are many ways of keeping in touch with the progress that doesn’t weigh everyone down with the idea that you’re actually marking their homework. A better boss will encourage their team to work through what the challenge means for them and will signal high both expectations and trust in the team together.

5 Are You Looking Out Of The Window?

Better bosses look out of the window to attribute success to everyone but themselves. They only look in the mirror when failure emerges.

Show your appreciation for what you want to see and you will get more of it. To be a better boss, make sure that your praise and positive feedback is specific and is tailored to both individuals and the team.

If you like visuals, there’s a neat infographic from Headway Capital.

Who’s the best boss you’ve worked for and why?
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