5 Things To Learn From Performance Review

Dear Colleague

On Thursday I completed the first round of monthly performance reviews with each of our Divisions (except for Surgery) and clinical departments. I learnt a lot through the conversations we had. Here are some of my reflections.

  1. We are doing some amazing work across the hospital. Many of the teams I met were able to describe lots of big achievements in the previous months.
  2. There are some big challenges ahead. The most important are firstly responding to the growing population served by the hospital. Many departments are reporting growth in demand – some of it significant. Second, we must ensure that we grow the numbers of staff at the hospital. Over the next 12 months I want to see a big increase so that we keep pace with demand.
  3. There are some opportunities to improve the links between different parts of the hospital. We came across a number of areas where one department or service was dealing with a problem that another department or service area could help them with. We need to work out how we can connect things a bit better so we are in a better position to help and support each other.
  4. Everyone I met was really proud of their achievements. This wasn’t about being boastful – it was more that people felt that progress was being made and they wanted to share the good news.
  5. We could do with finding a way to share the really good things that are being done – so that everyone can share in the successes. I’ll share some thinkingabout how we could do this next week.

So overall, although we have got some challenges in front of us – you can be very proud to be part of team at Al Wakra Hospital. I certainly am.

Wishing you and your family special good wishes as we start the holy month.


How does your organisation do performance review?