Dealing With The Downside Of Staff Shortages

Dear Colleague

I’ve had some feedback from a reader who suggests I should do more to acknowledge the difficulties being experienced in some areas due to staff shortages. As a result I’d like to put that right here. 

My previous letters have focused largely on two areas. 

  • How we can organise ourselves to make better plans and join things up. I’ve talked about our strategy, and how we aim to turn this into actions we are taking each day. 
  • Reflections on many of the good things which I see all the time at Al Wakra Hospital – which I think people are entitled to be congratulated for and which we should all celebrate.

These are both important and I’ll return to these themes next week. 

Turning to the question of staff shortages I’d like to make three points.

  1. The executive team are fully aware of the challenges some departments and services are facing because of these shortages. This is one of the reasons why we have started our performance review meetings – so that we can be kept in touch with what’s happening and understand how it looks from a service perspective.
  2. We’ve reviewed our staffing position with every department and have submitted our proposals to HMC to correct the key deficits. We are hopeful that we’ll soon have a response to our suggestions. As soon as we do we will alert all departments and begin the process of securing additional staff.
  3. In the short term we are constantly looking for ways to ease the burden these shortages are causing. One way of doing this for example is to have fewer patients in hospital requiring the attention of our nurses, doctors and therapists – which is why this has featured in our priorities.

For similar reasons we are looking for ways to simplify and standardise what we do – again to make it easier for our staff.

For now however I’d like to thank and congratulate everyone on the work you’re doing to keep services going. I recognise the challenges some of your are facing. I would like you to know that the whole executive team is working hard to turn our staffing position around.

Finally as usual I’d like to with good health and happiness to you and your family for the month ahead.