Good Hospital Staffing Has The Right People In All The Right Jobs


Dear Colleague

This week I’m going to briefly look at our strategy from a people, skills and technology perspective.

In healthcare we achieve our results by using our skills and knowledge to deliver the best possible service to patients. Our strategy means that we must ensure we have the right mix of skills and the right number of people in order to deliver the standard of service we aspire to and which our patients expect.

This issue is one of the biggest we face at Al Wakra Hospital.

It is a struggle in many of our departments to achieve the baseline level of staffing we expect. As a result we sometimes don’t achieve everything we would like to.

Our strategy is aimed at securing a better balance between the demands placed  upon on us and our capacity to respond. We will do this by developing improved workforce budgets and by re-designing the way we work. 

Next week we present our business plan to the HMC corporate team. As you would expect, we have identified shortages in staffing as one of our key risks. I’ve ensured that each department and clinical area has had the opportunity to present their risks and define their workforce requirements, and with some adjustments this is what we will be presenting.

Tweet: If everything's a priority, nothing's a priority.

As we start to implement our strategy, it is important that we agree some priorities. If everything is a priority, nothing is a priority. That’s why at our first Al Wakra Hospital Management Board we agreed a set of priorities for 2017.

These are:

  1. To meet national waiting time standards for outpatients and diagnostics.
  2. To improve the flow of patients across the hospital through specific improvement programmes. These are:
    1. Targeted reductions in length of stay. 
    2. Achievement of the discharge before 11.00 standard
    3. Improved day surgical rates.
    4. We are also want to increase the use of agreed order sets (which are  like recipes for responding to certain clinical presentations). This is because order sets allow us to stick better to the evidence for what works best.

Our priority list is deliberately short.  

These are priorities which are designed to have the biggest impact on patient experience and overall hospital performance. Such a short list will allow us all to remember what our priorities are and help to remind us to focus our time and energy on them.

I will be feeding back the outcomes from our business plan discussion in the coming weeks.

For now, I will close by wishing you and your family good health and happiness for the week ahead.

Best wishes