Is Kindness In Hospitals A Strategic Question?


Dear Colleague

I'd like to follow up on last week's message about the Al Wakra Hospital strategy. First of all I hope you've had time to take alook at it and to consider how the questions it poses about our future might impact on you and your team.

I've attached an Arabic translation of last week's message for your information.

Over the next four week I'm going to be offering some of my own reflections – I'd be interested to hear about any that you have too. I'll start with the first strategic question which is this:

"From a patient perspective what do we have to do to deliver our vision?"

This is a really important question that each of us can answer oursleves. Maybe you've been a patient yourself, or maybe someone in your familiy has been one? When we are patients, or when someone we love is a patient, everything changes. Suddenly we are not the person we were. Now we are at the mercy of the care givers. What we long for as patients is kindness, explanations about what is wrong, and then conversations about our options and choices and advice about what lies ahead.

If you're wondering where to start, I think there's something we can all do, which costs nothing. It's to be kind to our patients. If we choose kindness as a consistent behaviour that everyone experiences, our reputation as a good hospital will grow from strength to strength. And kindness is not something that only clinical staff are responsible for. We can all help a patient who looks lost or confused about where they are supposed to be for example.

Just as importantly, we can all be kind to one another. That's will create the environment in which it is easier to be kind to patients.

There is much more to this question than kindness – but kindness seems to me to be a good place to start.

What do you think matters most to patients?

I'll close as usual by wishing good health and happiness for you and your family for the week ahead.




The Al Wakra Hospital Strategy House

The Al Wakra Hospital Strategy House