Why A New Challenge Creates Increased Opportunity

Dear Colleague

I’m breaking into the sequence of messages I’m writing about our strategy to spend some time sharing a few more thoughts in follow up to the message I sent round earlier in the week about my additional responsibilities at Medical City.

There are a few things you should know about how I see this working.

First of all, I will remain as CEO for Al Wakra Hospital. Some people have left me with the impression that they think I’m leaving. To be clear, I’m not and I remain fully committed to steering Al Wakra Hospital forward over the coming years.

I’m encouraged by the fact that I believe the Divisions are well set to provide the operational leadership staff need. I’m delighted with the appointment of our new Medical Director team which  has brought some new experience and wisdom to Al Wakra Hospital.  They are already making a big difference. Together with the other Executives we now have an experienced and very capable senior team.

I will over the next few weeks explore in more detail how I can remain closely connected to and fully in touch with all the issues at Al Wakra Hospital. 

We have now agreed a sequence of Performance Review Meetings which I will chair with each of the Divisions and other non-Divisional areas that will take place each month. 

I’m also bringing the top leadership of the hospital together once a month in a newly constituted Management Board which I will also chair. These two important governance meetings will allow me to maintain close and regular contact with our services and the challenges and opportunities we face together.

In addition I will be able to make the case for Al Wakra Hospital in a new way because of the new role. An obvious example of how this could help is as we think about the changes that SIDRA Hospital will bring to Obstetric services as it comes on line over the next year.

Of course this is a change and I will want your continuing feedback please about how well these arrangement are working. 

This week Al Wakra began a Fast Walk programme. This is a voluntary scheme which anyone can join, where we take a supervised walk together round our lovely grounds. It is good to take exercise and keep our joints working and our hearts and circulation moving. We hope that this will encourage the participants to develop some new habits. Well done to the Dietetic team for driving this idea forward with so much enthusiasm and energy.

Lastly I’d just like to say how much I appreciate that staff at the Hospital continue to make to engage with our community. This week, on Downs Syndrome Day, we put on yet another information stand to help inform and educate passers by as they visit the hospital. Well done, it was great to see.

Next week I’ll return to our strategy and look at what we have to do from a people, skills and technology perspective to achieve our vision.

I’ll close as usual by wishing good health and happiness to you and your family for the week ahead.

Best wishes