Why Good Leaders Will Always Make The Difference

Dear Colleague

Today I asked people at The Staff Forum for feedback about these letters – and there was a suggestion that I make them shorter. So I’m going to make each letter from now on 300 words or less. If you want me to keep using this format please let me know.

This week I’d like to discuss leadership. Leadership work involves three things.

  1. Leaders set direction.  
  2. Leaders discuss the direction with their teams, building commitment and support for the direction.
  3. Leaders motivate and inspire people to do what it takes to get there.

Notice leaders don’t tell people what the answer is. They define what we want to achieve – not what to do. 

Healthcare is complicated – so it’s unlikely that any one person will fully understand all the detail. That’s why we have to involve people properly when we’re thinking about making a change.

Al Wakra needs as many leaders as possible. We need leaders at ward, department and function level. We need leaders of teams too. 

You don’t need a title to be a leader – anyone can show leadership by noticing when someone does a good job, or by being kind to a colleague who’s had a tough day.

The good news is that we already have many great leaders at Al Wakra Hospital and I’d like to acknowledge one of them here – Dr El-Akkad. 

We’re grateful for to you Dr ElAkkad for all your leadership efforts over the past few years and we wish you well in your new  role.

I’ll close by wishing your family good health and happiness for the week ahead.


Question: Who's the best leader you've worked with and why?

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