Healthy Leader Resources

I've got some additional resources for you that you can use to help you become a healthier, happier leader.

Useful Articles

  1. 5 Ways To Tell You're Acting With Integrity
  2. How To Know You're The Best Possible Boss
  3. How To Write A Poweful Leadership Manifesto
  4. The 3 Killer Questions That Can Empower Your Team
  5. What Secrets Did Puccini Know About Leading People?
  6. Why Happiness Is the Key to Improved Performance

Changing Jobs

I've written a guide which you can use to help you choose the right job. I was prompted to write this because a reader contacted me to say they had experienced a sudden and upsetting change in circumstances. The guide discusses possible responses to such situations and provides a number of exercises which could be helpful to anyone considering taking on a new role.

You can download the Changing Jobs Guide by clicking on the button.

There are a some resources in the works. Check back here regularly.

Other Resources

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  2. Leadership Quotations
  3. Leadership Blogs