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BE More: Introduction and Overview

A Personal Organisational Framework For Doing Meaningful Work

The mission of this website is to explore how we can live happier, healthier lives at home and work. 

If you want to experience increased happiness and well-being while at work there are four elements which you can use to make this more of a reality.

Self-Management — Being self-disciplined to secure sufficient of your most important resources (your time, your energy and your attention) are focused on what matters most to you.

Personal Development — Attending to your capacity and capability to be at your best, and continually to develop will ensure you are optimising your ability to achieve your best work. 

Work Content — Finding work content which is rich in both purpose (moving consistently towards your goals) and meaning (positive impact on others) will improve your happiness and well-being.

Leading Others — Accepting your responsibility to the extent which is possible, to create the environment for other people also to give of their best.

Each of these four elements contribute to the creation of a healthy work context for you. BE More is a framework which will help you attain higher levels of happiness while at work and in so doing, make you and the people you are responsible for healthier too.

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