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Mindset Development

You are a work in progress which means you’re only finished when you stop moving forward.

If your aspiration is to be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be, then you’ve got to take seriously your responsibility for developing yourself. There are four types of personal development you can investigate.

1. Technical Development — the acquisition of new skills and competencies which will enhance your ability to undertake the tasks you carry out.

2. Experience — building your reservoir of experience by working on new areas, or roles.

3. Physical — adopting a programme of physical training to improve your physical capacity and capability.

4. Mindset — working to improve your internal capacity and capability to handle the challenges you face. 

Technical Development and building your Experience are both aspects best done on the job. Your goal is to ensure that your line manager is aware of and supports your continuing on-the-job development.

Physical development is outside the scope of this website but can obviously take many forms.