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Self Management

What is your impact on the world around you?

You influence your situation and that of other people by taking action of some kind and you possess just three resources which will determine how much of anything you will do. These are:

  1. Your Time
  2. Your Energy
  3. Your Ability To Focus Your Attention

If you waste your time or your energy on subjects which are not important to you, the ultimate outcome will be disappointment. The problem is that there are so many competing interests which lay claim on your attention, that in reality it is hard to maintain your focus on what matters most.

You need some way of organising yourself so that you regain control of these three precious commodities. The goal isn’t to simply reel off one completed task after another — getting things done is not an end in itself. Instead what you want is, in addition to moving consistently towards your goals, is to feel that your actions remain connected to what you believe in.

Peter Drucker said that management is concerned with doing things right and that leadership determines which are the right things.

The same is true of taking action. You want to manage what you decide to do efficiently, but you also want to know that your actions are connected to something good.

Self-Management is about how you bring organisation and method to your day. It allows you to make a link between your goals and the choices you make about how to spend your time and your energy and get the right things done.

Self-Management has the following components.

  1. Determining your Key Areas of Interest (KAI)? These are the large categories of your life. They might include your home, family, career, creativity and entertainment.
  2. Specifying outcomes or Goals for each of your KAI.
  3. Building a daily System for managing the in-coming demands on for your attention.
  4. Choosing the Tools which you will deploy to make this easier to achieve.
  5. Determining your immediate Priorities so that they align with your Goals.
  6. Tracking progress towards your Goals.

Self-Management is a system you can use to become better organised so that you spend more of your time, energy and attention on your most important goals.