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Practical Tactics For Healthy Leadership by Prof Adam Cairns

HealthyLeaderBlog is the home for ethical leaders who want to want to do the best for the team they lead, but not at the cost of their own health or happiness. I've got advice, tips and practical tactics that you can put into use straight away to help you become a more healthy leader.

The Blog Has Five Categories.


In addition to the longer form pieces I mention below, I'm challenging myself to write actionable content in 300 words or less. I've called them Nutshells. It's an experiment currently so we'll see how this goes.

Leadership Matters

As a practicing healthcare CEO, I'm constantly looking for ways to sharpen my own leadership practice. Leadership Matters reports on what I'm learning. It's also where you'll find articles on leadership, book reviews, useful websites and other materials on the subject of healthcare and leadership.

Personal Productivity

I'm constantly battling to keep my head above water and I'm looking to find new ways of creating the time and space I need to do my job well. Productivity is where you'll find a discussion about the personal organisation system I use and where you'll also find posts about personal productivity and how I use my iPad, MacBook and iPhone to help me stay on top of what I have to do.

CEO Letters

Each week I write a letter to the staff at our hospital, the Al Wakra Hospital in Doha, Qatar. You can find these letters here.


Innovation in healthcare is more vital today that it has ever been. I'm interested in how healthcare organisations can develop innovation systems – an approach to innovation that is hard wired into an organisation's way of working. 

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CEO Letters

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